Monday, April 6, 2009

Foreword...and a much deserved 'Thank You'

Well my dear friends, to those few on Facebook, to my old Myspace buddies who still remember me, to my loyal Purevolume fans who stuck around, and beyond...I write this letter dubbed 'Foreword' with much care and thought to you all:

I think everyone falls down at one point, I fell and for some reason I stayed in a state of neutral indifference for several months, sitting on the couch watching tv, playing video games all day, I haven't picked up my guitar in 2 years.

Well, I finally snapped out of my cold snap after all this time and just in time I might add. It was very simple: I got up, picked up my acoustic and started playing music again, my music, my songs, and I have quite a few songs to choose from.

Oh and thanks to someone who perhaps saved me from unthinkably quitting this dream came along and produced a wonderful lil studio 4-song album. Mr. Matt Russell to the rescue and he did a damn fine job, exceeding all expectations surpassing the first EP we did back in 2005 and I can't wait to show it to you all. Before you all hear it however I have one more thing to say...

I'm getting back out there, with or without friends to assist at shows, I'm taking my trusty Larrivee acoustic and I'm going to play every single possible show I can, every coffee shop, even open mics, everything. I'll go back old school, grinding it out playing for anyone and anything. With a rather impressive EP about to be released online and on sale, it's time to play for Boston, Western Mass and New York first, to go back and make believe it's 1999 all over again. I've already started so stay tuned for shows and events and finally...

While I await for the right time to release Act II: How The West Was Won to the world, I want to thank a couple of very important people:

First off thank you to you all reading this, it means a lot your support and you'd be surprised by how much a simple moment of your time is worth I'll make it worth your while I promise.

I can't really put to words how much producer Matt Russell has helped me, how much time he's put into my music and for not nearly enough compensation. The first EP we did was great, this one is magical. He made it happen and I never had anyone else in the 10 years of trying to get into the music industry having someone believe in me as much as he did.

Thank you to the amazing Mike Piehl for some out of this world drumming on the new record, he couldn't have interpreted the songs any better. Thank you to Dave Siegel and Ryan Secor from Hero Next Door, those guys blew me away and you'll soon hear how great the guitars and bass sound, they also improved upon the music and the time they lent I cannot thank them enough. Aaron Shadwell played some very cool guitar on the track Guest of Honor and improved upon my original tune considerably. Chris Alberto photoshop expert and guru brought the vision graphically and the album cover...well if you haven't seen the final version you will soon and it's inspirational and perfect.

There are several others whom I owe much gratitude to, but let me reserve that for another time and place. This letter didn't exactly come out the way I wanted it to, it never does I guess but I wanted to let you all know I'm excited again to play music for you all and I'm excited to show you the new studio disc and it's all coming together NOW...right this very moment is the time to make things happen not a moment too soon that I get back on the trail because in the end all I need are my friends and my Larrivee...just as soon as I take it to get repaired this week ;)

See you all soon, and stay tuned!
Matt Romero

...because this is how the west was won.

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