Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Album review for Matt Romero's The Modern

Taken from The Noise Boston -Feb.12th

The Modern
15 tracks

I’m not quite sure what to make of this album. It’s some kind of indie-rock, that’s for sure. The kind that’s thick with synth-claps, space-age sound effects, and the syrupy veneer of electro-pop, but still rife with punk-rock’s appreciation for gritty electric guitars and its contempt for studio perfection. There’s some funky acoustic guitar riffage thrown in the mix, as well. Call this indie omelet whatever you want. It’s harmless fun. The recording itself is a bit flat for my taste. Those drums could use some more muscle. That bass, too, could use some more girth. But hey, it is what it is: lo-fi music that’s just beggin’ to be danced to. I can hardly fault the songwriting for being superficial filler either. I mean, this is pop music, right? (Will Barry)