Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, it's late

I feel like a dinosaur ...pretty silly to say but I remember the days of back in the 90s when all the lil indie musicians would come together under one beautiful online umbrella and everyone would listen to music and buy albums and people were so enthusiastic about so many of these new artists striking out on their own and creating such awesome new music.

then Myspace came along and it was again fairly glorious spot under the sun where people would come and check out all cool new up and coming artists...there was an air of hope back then.

well friends, nowadays things got so complicated, the modern media somehow got more convoluted and confusing and saturated leaving most to just basically give up and navigate the most mundane of websites. I hope better days are to come, the music industry (from what I gather since only Lady Ga Ga's and overrated indie alt rockers need apply) is in a sad state of affairs.

However, some websites still are trying to pick up the pieces...Last.FM has still held up and become a last bastion for people discovering great artists...and Sixty One has tried and I think will eventually catch on beyond its niche of followers.

I still stand after 10 years of recording music and performing, and I'm just getting started.

I'm going back to school...for music, and this time I feel prepared and excited to get back into an active community and become motivated again to music again, play live and get this fn show on the road already. I've recorded enough music for now (2 studio EPs and over 12 self-produced albums if you want to hear my life's story at Last.FM) I'm going to school in Boston and I feel like this is a new beginning for me. I truly feel like my life is getting re-started now, and for the best. And ya know, I'll probably learn some new things ;) become a way better musicians now that I know my own identity and it doesn't have to get washed away in the muddle of learning how to play when you already just want to play the words and melodies in your head.

So...I'm off, and I hope to see alot of you during the journey, either on stage or off, we'll find a way to make things feel as great as they did for me back in the 90s when the future was exciting, the future is exciting again, I'm done with a dreary existance and refuse to be a product of the world's most negative changes happening today... we can do so much better than this.

much love and peace,

Going back to school!!

Going back to school!! for music ...after 2 week long job search and soul searching this just felt right, I never finished college and I think I'm more than ready to finally go back. psyched!

the rock dream is not dead, this whole experience will probably help it as I'll come back alive and full of energy to push onward and write new music finally.

much love all,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oddly enough

very optimistic and confident about the new job search and career path

Friday, August 21, 2009

So I quit...

So I quit my corporate job today. time to start looking towards working in a place related to music and get my career started. any suggestions? first day of the rest of my life begins today. peace & love, m

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HR at work reprimanding me for speaking my mind?!

so let's see here...I actually got written up at work...for...speaking my mind on the Crowley Cambridge Police Harvard Professor situation two months ago...and someone anonymous person complained to my company because I called some people racists?


whatever happened to freedom of speech and what the flying fuck does that have to do with my job?

fucking low lifes...blessing in disguise folks, as it's time to move on... never let ANYONE censor you! speak YOUR MIND don't let these fucking cowards dictate your life.

fight the good fight, let's make a difference.

love and peace,
Matt Romero

Monday, August 3, 2009

Taking a long online break...

I'm leaving the virtual online world for now folks, and getting back to the outdoors and focusing on a new album as well as hopefully having some rehearsals with the band for live shows.

Looking forward to becoming more active outside and going back to work in my own studio to record some new music!

So with that being said, I bid you all farewell (for now) and see you in 2010!!!

Much love and peace,