Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sooner or later...

You know...every now and then something comes along that inspires you, re-energizes you, and fills you with light once again. I was watching N.E.R.D.'s beautiful video of 'Sooner or later' and it really touched upon some sort of beautiful and perhaps tragic truth for some and all.

I'm guilty of this too, but it feels like it's every man for himself out there...get rich quick, and if the person next to you falls down, well then... better them than you.

I see it the office, at work, I see it with my dad, who works so hard yet someone comes along to take credit, I feel it at work too on a much lesser extent since I am by no means as hard of a worker as he is.

The honest make an honest buck and carry the not-so-honest's burden.

But now with the economy crashing, banks, car makers and practically every other corporation asking for a buck, makes you wonder?

Sure they (the banks etc.) will get it (the bailout), but they lost the game, even if they get it all back and never learn, they fell...nothing can change the fact, that they fell and they relied on us to save them, they could never make it alone.

But with nothing left, we can make it, we don't need a bail-out, we never needed it and after the dust settles, and while some may consider this time the worst in a long while...I don't see it that way...I see it as the most beautiful catastrophe that we desperately needed. life got too easy, too distant...I hope we all get a little closer, in person and spirit

So while we see the big wigs scrambling to save face, I'll stand here thinking what I can do to inspire the next person, and I'll be looking for the strength and inspiration in others and friends like you.

Kinda cool in a sick ironic funny all came crashing down. I love it all. Under a red sky, staring down disaster and evil straight in the face.


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