Sunday, April 26, 2009

In loving memory...

In the memory and legacy of the original Us Versus Them line-up, I've decided to restore all the websites (Last.FM, iLike, Purevolume even Facebook etc.) and re-post the original Us Versus Them online along with their debut 'After The Drama' soon to be released for purchase off i-Tunes, Amazon etc!!

The band is inactive but I hope you all will enjoy once again the original trio and the great tunes from 2006's magical 'After The Drama' LP

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Us Versus Them formed in 2005 and released their debut album After The Drama in 2006. Playing several shows around the Boston area, the trio disbanded that same year with their last show played at the Abbey Lounge on Halloween.

Each member has gone on with their own projects. Jon Ulman now plays for Common Thrill and Pawnshop Diamonds, John Malzone plays in the metal band Dead Light Inside, and Matt Romero has gone on to do a solo career.

For more info on the original Us Versus Them drop us a message and please be sure to check out their debut album available on i-Tunes, Amazon and more!! -Thank you.

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