Wednesday, February 3, 2010

myspace still alive? where's our home now? pretty its just us musicians out there my question is...why the massive amounts of spam still?

I do not give a fuck about your music unless i actually like it...problem is you (the artist/musician/band) are SPAMMING YOURSELVES

yes my fellow music peeps...why are we spamming ourselves?

look the community looks pretty dead, facebook isnt too alive either however its terrible for musicians too.

I myself have already been on and moved on to Reverbnation, Last.FM, The Sixty One (although not thrilled too much about the new changes) and other sites...Stereofame isnt a terribly executed idea although it's hard to tell who is actually listening to you.

I would say Reverbnation has made the biggest leaps in improvement, the site looks great present day.

Anyways thoughts? we are stuck again without really a home without a place to promote our music and with no progress towards making any money or exposure at all.

Matt Romero
former Us Versus Them singer and solo artist


Ken said...

Stereofame continues to improve. There are big changes coming to SF in the next 2 months that will drive a ton of artists and listeners to the site. If I had to bet on which music site will be the new home for artists, I'd say it would be Stereofame.

DH said...

Matt, thanks for trying out Glad to see you joined our small project website!