Monday, October 20, 2008

New Studio EP Coming Soon!!!!

Matt Romero has finally gone back into the studio with producer Matt Russell to record the studio follow-up to his solo debut released in 2005.

The new EP will be a sharp contrast to the piano-strings laced sounds of New Mourning on 2005's Us Versus Them EP. Act 2: How The West Was Won is slated to hit online stores next year. It will go back to Matt's rock roots drawing inspiration from Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails and Days of the New.

Backed by Boston's 'A Hero Next Door' the album will finally bring Matt's long beloved rock songs that were originally featured in the old lineup of his original band Us Versus Them (not to be confused with his debut EP) to life in the studio with a wonderful backing band to boot.

So stay tuned! Matt Romero is coming on to the scene in a big way and an awesome studio album to go along with it!!

Please join me and let's see the world together! -Matt

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