Thursday, March 18, 2010

Matt joins upcoming hard rock band

Matt Romero has joined the upcoming Boston-based hard rock band The Living Modern

While the lineup solidifies still you can check out demos at any of these sites:

Stay tuned.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For what it's worth...

Got inspired for one more tune...just a big plans...but this one means a lot to me...dare I say one of my best yet...hope you enjoy it ;)

to preview: any site will do i.e. or etc. etc.


I came face to face with an alien race
I don't know why they chose me for
I think they wanted to see how a human loves
But the love in me is no more

I wonder if they felt my sorrow!
Could they fill up this heart hollow?

I sent an SOS to their mothership
Didn't think I was picked did ya?
I was runnin' away going state to state
When I flagged what I hope's the cure

I wonder if they'd feel my sorrow!
Could they fill up this heart hollow?

As much as they tried
To bring me back
We soon realized
It was up to one girl

up to one girl
down to one girl...

Calling 911!! for an early sun
Gotta make some plans today
So they let me leave and told me please
To go and find that girl today

I hope I find her tomorrow!
Could she fill this heart so hollow?

Calling 911!! for an early dawn
Gotta make some plans today
Cause they let me leave with the condition
I seek to go live my life today

Monday, March 1, 2010

Act III canned --Act II free w/code limited time only!

Hello, good morning and good night!

While Act III: Kill The Music Industry was officially canned*
all is not lost...

I am giving away 100 promo codes to download Act II: How
The West Was Won for FREE!

simply go to >>

and type ACT2NOW <<

NEWS: I am producing the full-length debut album for an upcoming hard-rock Boston band...stay tuned


PS Thank you again to all the great musicians who played on Act II and of course Matt Russell producer extraordinaire.

*Act III was halted and canceled for many reasons...but musically I am more active than ever and producing better sounding songs...for more info check

Where to buy Matt Romero's Official Solo CDs...

Matt Romero: Act II: How the West Was Won

Matt Romero: Us Versus Them